About Us

The Circulation Mission is a social innovation startup whose mission is to pioneer the way towards a zero waste, circular economy. We are rooted in the circular economy, evident in our choice of raw material - recycled plastic.

At this very second, somewhere in the world, there is a truckload of plastic being emptied into the ocean, but there is also a factory, using precious carbon-intensive fossil fuels to manufacture some more plastic. 

There is enough plastic in the world, we do not need to be producing anymore. 

In spite of widespread media campaigns about recycling plastic, we are still grappling with a very large waste management program, because at its core the recycling economy still has its roots in the linear “use and throw economy”. A shampoo bottle which is recycled into a shampoo bottle made of reprocessed plastic is not solving the problem. It is only perpetuating a flawed system. 

Alternatively, we make a range of eclectic, beautiful, functional and unique handcrafted products which are meant to be cherished and loved for years to come. And if after this time, you decide you are bored and need a change, we take back your plastic and repurpose it, keeping it out of landfills and in the right place. 

Choose Better. Choose The Circulation Mission. 



Where It All Began

What started out as a scuba diving trip in the Pacific Oceans ended up changing the way Pratika looked at the Earth, her choices and her purpose. 

A Note From Our Founder

"I have always been disheartened seeing so much waste end up in landfills, especially when there are better ways to use it. Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic is discarded into our oceans, polluting our planet and creating a dangerous environment for all living things. Plastic, an important invention and extremely integral material in the progress of society – is a substance that gravely endangers valuable natural resources. Although plastic is made from organic compounds, it is NOT biodegradable. 

It is undeniable that we need plastic in our everyday lives. From water bottles, to pencil stands and even soap dishes - the modern world would be lost without it. Keeping this in mind, our mission is simple - we need plastic and we already have tonnes of it existing in the world. So - why produce more? 

This was the start of the Circulation Mission . We produce multipurpose, reusable, home decor, daily use items out of 100% Recycled Products."


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